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At last, technology that works with you

Howz has been developed by our physiotherapist Louise. She's passionate about working with older people and getting the very best out of technology.

How's Mum? How's Dad?

With life proving more hectic than ever, we can't be everywhere at once. Visits seem too far apart and the guilt of missing a change in their well-being is ever present. This is where Howz can help you.

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Smart reassurance

Did Mum get out of bed this morning? Has Dad returned from his walk? If they have a Howz Home Care Kit installed, the answer is close at hand. Reassurance 24/7.

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Pocketable peace of mind

The Howz Service works alongside our Home Care Kit to provide easy to digest live information via our mobile application and desktop companion site. When something isn't quite right with your family member or friend, you'll be the first to know. (Subscription required)

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Get our award-winning Home Care Kit + Howz Service today for only £9/month* with a full 30 day money back guarantee.

*£149 upfront for the Kit

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Simple and affordable

Ready to go, straight out of the box

When your Kit arrives, attach your sensors, place the plug in a socket and it's ready. It really is that easy (Internet required)

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You may not be able to put a price on peace of mind...

But we have. For £9 a month you get full unlimited access to the Howz Service, which includes the mobile application and desktop companion site. A one time payment of £149 is required for the Howz Home Care Kit, but after that it's yours to keep. No hidden fees, no contracts.

We are a team of Manchester based experts.  

Our goal is to radically change the way we approach ageing. Putting freedom and independence first.

For any queries please refer to our FAQ section to start with, alternatively, you can make use of our contact form.

If your question isn't listed or you just want a chat, our friendly team are here to help, via the details provided below:

Tel: 0161 226 5353