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Pocketable Peace of Mind

The Howz Service sends easy to digest live information direct to your Smartphone, PC or Tablet.

Reassurance at a glance

Our intelligent timer constantly counts down to the next 'checkpoint' of an individuals routine. If a checkpoint passes by without any activity detected, Howz can then alert you immediately.

Monitor Activity

If you want to review your friend or family members activity in greater detail you can see all events triggered in the last 14 days via the 'Activity' section. This includes every opened door and every trip to the kitchen.

Receive Alerts

Alerts are sent to your device in the form of an App notification, these will appear right on your home screen and when clicked will provide you with more context. Alerts can be sent for events such as a door being left open or no movement being detected.

"Howz Mum?"

Howz now features smart assistant integration. Get updates via Amazon Echo and Google Assistant

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No smartphone? No problem

All of this and more is available for Desktop PC's and Laptops via (Account required)

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If you have any queries please refer to our FAQ section to start with, alternatively, you can make use of our contact form.

If your question is not listed or you just want a chat, our friendly, Manchester-based team are here to help via the details provided below:

Tel: 0161 226 5353