Howz working with EDF Energy

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Step 2 - Door Sensor

Louise explains how to install the Howz Door Sensor. The door sensor will monitor each time the door opens and closes so you know when someone has gone out or returned home. It will also send out an alert via the Howz Service whenever the door has been left open for a significant amount of time.

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Step 3 - Motion Sensor

Louise explains how to install the Howz Motion Sensor. As we value our customers privacy our sensors aren't fitted with any cameras or microphones, instead we use passive infrared (PIR) sensors which trigger when a person passes by. This confirms that there is movement in the home, additionally it will detect unexpected movement, in the event the home is left vacant.

Step 4 - Smart Plug

Louise explains how to install the Howz Smart Plug. Howz recommends the smart plug is connected to a regularly used appliance such as a kettle or toaster. These appliances require frequent and manual activation which confirms the person is up and about. The plug will notify you via the Howz Service when an appliance has been used.

What's the Howz Service? >