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Simple, easy-to-use sensors and app

No cameras

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Set up in three easy steps

Quick and easy to install

We know you value your privacy as well as your independence, so there are no fiddly or intrusive cameras to install. You decide where you want the sensors and smart plug and they will quickly start to build up a picture as you go about your daily routine. The information feeds into a hub that plugs into a router, reassuring those close to you that everything is okay and giving you the peace of mind that you’re not alone if you need support.

Learn the story of your day

Howz quickly learns your routine, from when you usually make your morning cuppa to how you tend to move between rooms. You’ll soon forget the sensors are even there and, within about ten days, Howz should be able to establish a pattern. Activity around your home can then be viewed on a smartphone by you, or anyone else you want to share the information with.

Peace of mind if things change

If there’s a change in your routine your chosen family members, or carers, will be sent a notification. Your information is completely safe and you decide who you share your routine with. Howz helps you maintain your independence safe in the knowledge that spotting changes in activity early can help you get the right support in place.

"You don't feel on your own"

Allan Attenborough

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