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Customer Stories: Alex Petrie, 43

Alex Petrie recently had Howz installed into his father’s Warwickshire home. Following a recent diagnosis of dementia, Alex was acutely aware that his 75 year old father was particularly vulnerable and with Alex living in Cheshire and his brother in Berkshire, it isn’t possible for them to simply drop in to check on him.

Alex installed Howz into his father’s home nearly three months ago, allowing him to keep an eye on his father’s wellbeing from a distance, via real-time updates accessed through an easy to use app. Howz works by monitoring the energy output of a given household, with motion sensors able to detect unusual behaviour from the occupant. For Alex, this means he is alerted to any changes in his father’s behaviour, which could indicate either that something serious has happened, or help him identify where his father needs additional support to continue living independently.

When visiting recently, Alex noticed that his father was waking several times in the night. Concerned about this pattern of behaviour in relation to his father’s illness, Alex now knows that this is not a regular occurrence through Howz. Similarly, when both Alex and his brother had tried but failed to contact their father one evening, Alex was able to check and confirm that his father had left his house. Despite initial concern that they weren’t able to contact him, Alex and his brother were relieved when Howz alerted them that their father had returned home.

For those times when Alex’s father is more confused and given the complex symptoms associated with dementia, having an extra source to verify information is invaluable - especially given the location distance involved.

It is this ability to keep an eye on a potentially vulnerable family member, in a non-intrusive way, that leads Alex to describe the technology as a “hugely important” part of his father’s long-term care. With his father’s dementia in its early stages, Alex knows that over time his condition will progress, and that the Howz connected home system will help him to make more informed decisions about when additional care and support may become necessary.

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