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Customer Stories: Alan Attenborough, 81

Attending a Stroke Association Support Group, Alan was made aware of the connected home system from Howz. He volunteered to work with Howz and test the connected home system to see how it could potentially help other stroke survivors. As someone who lives alone, and who has suffered a stroke, Alan was also keen to take necessary steps to protect him from potential future problems and extend his ability to live independently for as long as possible.

New to technology, Alan was concerned about how intrusive he would find the system and how it would impact his lifestyle. However, the reality is that by monitoring changes in his normal routine through an interlinking series of monitors that unobtrusively check energy usage and door movements, Howz has delivered Alan and his family, peace of mind.

After being given a brief overview of the system, which included a simple tutorial on how to use the Howz app, Alan now uses it every day. Despite having never used an iPad before, he found that it was easy to use and that it has provided a sense of reassurance that no other method of communication could do.

Having what Alan describes as “half an eye” means that Alan is more confident in going about his day to day business, with his daughter saying that she simply couldn’t live without the product now. Stroke patients can be vulnerable to falling ill again and having an early warning system for family and carers brings peace of mind to both Alan and his wider family too.

Despite initially feeling he didn’t need the system, for Alan, knowing that his daughter now worries less about his wellbeing on a minute by minute basis has also been a source of comfort. As he gets older, his worry is reduced, his confidence increased, and most importantly for Alan, he has been able to maintain a sense of independence, which would not have been possible otherwise.

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