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Howz in a new NHS digital health accelerator

Howz in a new NHS digital health accelerator

Part of the largest push yet to rapidly increase the speed of digital health products take up in the NHS.

After a highly competitive process, two East Midlands companies and their digital solutions have been selected as some of the highest potential and best-placed to help England’s NHS meet the challenges of an ageing population and scarce resources.

The two East Midlands companies chosen are

1) Howz, made by the company Intelesant Ltd, provides reassurance and insights for older people and patients with long-term conditions or multiple conditions.  It helps them to detect changes in their health early so they can take action before reach health crisis. The system provides information via an app or webportal with sharing facilities enabling patients to share their data easily and securely with health and care professionals and their family.  

Howz is built to integrate with mainstream IT systems, making access to information easy for NHS organisations and other carers.

Says Louise Rogerson, Chief Operating Officer at Intelesant:  “We are delighted that Howz has been chosen to be part of the East Midlands Digital Accelerator and we are looking forward to working with the EMAHSN to raise our profile with patients and the NHS.  Howz provides peace of mind for patients and their families and facilitates early intervention before health issues become more serious.”

2) Spirit Digital who have developed the CliniTouch Vie digital solution to help patients manage their health conditions and prevent avoidable admissions to hospital.  CliniTouch Vie is a locked-down tablet provided with integrated 3G providing intensive monitoring, patient education and empowerment.  It features integrated direct messaging and video support. Dynamic care plans and evidence-based algorithms enable automatic triage for healthcare teams.  

CliniTouch Vie, when used alongside clinical health coaching, has achieved a 67% reduction in unscheduled COPD admissions & saving of £2,278 per patient.

Emma-Jane Roberts, Managing Director at Spirit Digital, said:  “We know CliniTouch Vie can reduce emergency admissions, give patients more control over their health and save the NHS money.  Thanks to support from the East Midlands Digital Accelerator we will be able to talk to more NHS organisations about using remote monitoring and reach more patients with long-term conditions who could really benefit from our technology.”

The East Midlands accelerator is one of five launching across England today – building on the successful DigitalHealth.London Accelerator.

The schemes are run by the Academic Health Science Networks (AHSNs), the innovation arm of the NHS, and their partners, and launch today in London, Manchester, the South West, East Midlands, Kent, Surrey and Sussex.

It is the first time it has operated beyond London, where a successful accelerator has been running for two years, saving in excess of £50 million for the NHS and working with 60 companies. The London programme generated 169 jobs for Londoners in just two years. The digital health market in England is expected to reach almost £43 billion by 2018 and £408 billion by 2025.

With five English regions now running Digital Health Accelerators, AHSNs and their partners hope to build on these results, whilst enabling the public to benefit more quickly from the latest technology to improve their care.

The successful SMEs will receive:

  • One-to-one support from a designated ‘NHS Navigator’: someone with strong clinical or NHS provider experience, who really know the NHS, and can help companies approach it
  • Specialist training
  • Support with product development
  • Opportunities to meet experts from business, clinical, and government backgrounds
  • Regular opportunities to showcase their products with NHS decision-makers and influencers.

Mike Hannay, Managing Director of the East Midlands AHSN and Chair of the national network of AHSNs, which run the accelerator schemes with partners said: “There are hundreds of thousands of health and care apps and innovations on the market.  It’s unreasonable to expect busy NHS staff to keep on top of all them. That’s where we come in to help the NHS find and use the latest, affordable innovation that will change people’s lives and help make sure our world-renowned health system is fit for generations to come.

“Despite the array of talent and resources available, there is room for much better collaboration between SMEs and the health system to increase England’s competitiveness in digital innovation. Connections between entrepreneurial innovation and health are essential for England to realise its potential and become a world leader in digital health innovation. With Brexit on the horizon, this scheme is more important than ever before. We have seen rapid growth in the companies supported by our existing London accelerator and we look forward to building on this with the next generation of start-ups.”

Dr Mark Harmon, Strategic Director at eConsult, one of the companies that took part in the 2017-18 London accelerator said:  “For small health companies and start-ups, the NHS can be a very difficult place to navigate and do business. Whilst wanting to make positive changes for a sustainable NHS, there can be significant barriers to overcome.

“Working with the London Accelerator programme has helped us with contacts and getting to the people that matter, and in turn contributed to an acceleration in our growth. Before the programme we were live in approximately 350 practices, we are now live in over 500 and mobilising a further 1000 practices. The expansion of this scheme should really help other digital health businesses in the country to succeed, too.”


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